Youtube Cover Songs

Damn Wicked youtube cover songs

Damn Wicked youtube cover songs

Recently Damn Wicked have been recording cover songs and been working on creating videos for these songs. As of this writing we have 2 songs posted to the Damn Wicked youtube channel. So far we’ve done Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap) by AC/DC & Mr. Make-Believe by Gene Simmons (KISS) from his 1978 solo album. We’re in the midst of recording an old classic Van Halen tune right now….(Don’t fear. We will NEVER cover a song from the Van Hagar era!) and we have some old KISS songs that I’ll be trying to mesh with video footage soon. In the next coming months we’ll continue to ad Youtube cover songs to our channel and we’ll keep you updated.

Upcoming Youtube Cover Songs

Here’s a list of songs that we might record. Nothing is written in stone though. We may decide to record other songs that aren’t on this list and not record other songs that you see on this list. What ever feels right at the time is what we’ll do. But right now these are some of the tunes on our hit list.

1. All The Way – KISS
2. Strutter – KISS
3. Love Her All I Can – KISS
4. Detroit Rock City – KISS
5. Flaming Youth – KISS
6. Strange Ways – KISS
7. Sweet Pain – KISS
8. Rock Bottom – KISS
9. Room Service – KISS
10. Take Me – KISS
11. Mr. Speed – KISS
12. See You In Your Dreams – KISS
13. Love Gun – KISS
14. Shock M – KISS
15. Almost Human – KISS
16. Runnin’ With The Devil – Van Halen
17. Dead Or Alive – Van Halen
18. Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love – Van Halen
19. You Really Got Me – Van Halen/ The Kinks
20. Outta Love – Van Halen
21. Somebody Get Me A Doctor – Van Halen
22. Beautiful Girls – Van Halen
23. Fools – Van Halen
24. Unchained – Van Halen
25. Hear About It Later – Van Halen
26. Wheels Of Confusion – Black Sabbath
27. Children Of The Grave – Black Sabbath
28. Faeries Wear Boots – Black Sabbath
29. Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath
30. Who Are You? – Black Sabbath
31. Snowblind – Black Sabbath
32. Sweet Leaf – Black Sabbath
33. Johnny Blade – Black Sabbath
34. Spiral Architect – Black Sabbath
35. TNT – AC/DC
36. Highway To Hell – AC/DC
37. Big Balls – AC/DC
38. Little Lover – AC/DC
39. Let There Be Rock – AC/DC
40. Jailbreak – AC/DC
41. Overdose – AC/DC
42. Sin City – AC/DC
43. Black Dog – Led Zeppelin
44. Good Times, Bad Times – Led Zeppelin
45. Whole Lotta Love – Led Zeppelin
46. Out On The Tiles – Led Zeppelin
47. Immigrant Song – Led Zeppelin
48. The Rooster – Alice In Chains
49. Would – Alice In Chains
50. Dirt – Alice In Chains

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