Interview With A Rock and Roll Vampire

This is an interview with rock and roll vampire, Brent Johnston, guitarist and singer of Canadian hard rock band Damn Wicked.

Rock And Roll Vampire

Brent Johnston – guitarist and singer for hard rock band Damn Wicked

What follows is a disturbing and unsettling journey into the dark and twisted psyche of the madman responsible for Damn Wicked’s depraved musical vision.


This Rock And Roll Vampire is Off His Rocker!


What do you think of when I say “Canada” ?

The first thing I think of is RUSH. Some other things would be, hockey, winter, cold weather, beer, nature, moose, and last but most importantly, beaver! Ain’t nothing prettier than a beaver…., tasty too! We have some beautiful beavers here in Toronto.

What have you been up to lately?

Mostly working on the business and promotional aspect of my band Damn Wicked. I’ve been absorbing information from some online courses that teach independent bands and musicians how to market their music. That’ll keep me occupied for a long time!

Also I’ve started using a different standalone DAW in my home recording studio. It’s a Roland VS-2480. Before I was using an Akai DPS24 but I recently sold it. I also have a Korg D3200 that I use quite a bit too. But, yeah, I’m just familiarizing myself with the Roland right now and practising with it by doing some demo recordings of what I like to call “dirty fuck songs”. Meaning that the lyrics are all triple X-rated. I’ve been prolifically pornographic in my songwriting recently but I don’t know if Damn Wicked should be releasing these songs to the public…. It might be too much to swallow….

What’s your current fixation?

Damn Wicked, of course! We’ve got so much to do. It’s never ending. And as long as you’re in a band that’s trying to be successful the work truly never slows down. If anything, I believe the more successful a band is, the more work there is to do. I can’t say for sure though because we still haven’t achieved that kind of big success.

My other fixation this summer and every summer is cherries! That’s right, cherries, and as I mentioned before, beaver. I’m a little disappointed that cherry season has just ended though…Oh well, gotta wait til next summer. Fortunately beaver season is all year round. Yeehaa!

What would make you kick someone out of bed and have you ever done that?

Farting! Well, I mean excessive farting. Everyone has a mishap every now and then, so I’d forgive them the first time. I’d give them the 3 strikes rule. After the 3rd time they’re outta there…

Yes, I’ve kicked a dog outta my bed before but never kicked a woman out. Beggars can’t be choosers.

What should everyone shut up about?

Nothing. They can just keep flapping their gums and I’ll continue to ignore them. haha

Actually, I think people should temper their hero worshiping at least a little bit. Almost everyone seems to have a fixation on some other human, team, band, country, deity, religion or something or other. It’s the stupidest thing in the world. This myopic thinking is totally irrational and kind of an epidemic. It’s like mass psychoses! Hey, I understand it though. It’s human nature. I’ve had my obsessions too but sometimes I think we just gotta look at things a little more objectively and temper our hero worship. We’re just a bunch of tiny, insignificant ants living on a big ball of dirt when it really comes down to it. Noone is so much better than anyone else that it’s going to make any difference in the end.

What makes you a Rock and Roll Vampire?

Well, I live by night and sleep by day, I’m in a hard rock band, and I hate when the sun begins to rise in the morning!
Oh, and uh…., I got my red wings. And no, I ain’t talking about the hockey team.

I never considered myself a rock and roll vampire before now. In fact I’ve never heard the term before. The only reason I’m using that terminology is because I thought a blog post called “Interview With A Rock And Roll Vampire” has a certain ring to it. But now that I think about it, I guess I am indeed a rock and roll vampire…Can you spare a pint of blood? All blood donations will be graciously accepted. Thank you.

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Brent Johnston
Damn Wicked


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