Hard Rock Christmas Songs

Hard Rock Christmas Songs

An old nun getting her perv on

It’s been about 6 weeks since I last posted some blog food for our readers consumption. So I figured that I should get my ass in gear and give you guys a Damn Wicked update.

Since the middle of October our band has been working separately from one another, each on our individual solo projects.

Marck’s been writing new songs and recording some demos. He sent me a few of the tunes through email and I’m going to give them a good listen when I get a chance. Maybe we’ll be recording one or more of them sometime in the near future.

Erick’s been working with some other musicians, playing a mix of cover songs and originals and instead of playing drums he’s playing guitar. I’m looking forward to hearing what they’re doing.

Hard Rock Christmas Songs

And finally, I’ve been working on something that I’ve been wanting to try for the last 8 years or so. I’ve been working on and recording a Christmas album since mid October. But this isn’t the kind of Christmas album that you’d expect…..What you hear on this album won’t simply be your typical hard rock Christmas songs and it’s not music that you want your granny to hear! It’s a nasty,vulgar and politically incorrect collection of hard rock Christmas songs. Send the kiddies to grandma’s and hand out earplugs to all of the overly sensitive people within earshot…, this shit is built to offend! There will be no holds barred with my Christmas lyrics. Religion, sexuality, race, perversion and other hot topics will be spewing from your chosen listening device for however long you’re able to stomach this magnificent, gloriously melodic, heavy rock filth.

There’s still lots of work to do on this project but I’m aiming at having it released a few weeks before Christmas. I’ll let you all know when the album is done and where you can buy it. You have been warned!

Brent Johnston
Damn Wicked



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